Introduction to Wheelie Machines

    Delivering a perfect wheelie on your sports bike is a lot more than just practice. Being able to perform a wheelie takes a lot more than just your willpower and skills.

    For those of you who are considering doing a wheelie on your bike, it is important to understand that a stable rear wheel is a prerequisite to achieving a successful wheelie. While that is a technical fact, it is essential to realize that doing a wheelie for the first time is not as easy as it appears to be in videos or in real life.

    To perform a wheelie, you must first prepare yourself to handle the bike and its leverage to conduct the perfect wheelie. If you have never performed a wheelie and are interested in doing so, now is your chance to be able to achieve this and perfect your skills through the Wheelie Machine.

The principle of Wheelie Machines

    The principle used in the Wheelie machines is fairly simple. The bike is mounted onto the top of the machine. The rear wheel is fixed and the front wheel is placed on an inclined surface.

    The foundation of the surface is supported by a very powerful spring which gives the biker an ability to lift the bike up from the ground whilst performing a wheelie. To make sure the practice is done effectively, the bike is allowed to suspend only for a limited angle so that the rider is safe while practicing the wheelie. This is ensured by stabilising the rear wheel so that the bike is being used safely.

Impact of Wheelie Machines on Sports Bikes

    Wheelie machines can do wonders and not just for sport bikers but all bike enthusiasts.
    Looking at it from a bike enthusiasts point of view, it is thrilling to know that through the Wheelie Machine it is possible to perform wheelies and other stunts in a safe and secure environment.
    The Wheelie Machine is arguably every wheelie fan’s dream. Instead of having to spend countless hours on on the road trying to simultaneously master the balance, the clutch, the grip and everything else related to being able to do a wheelie, the Wheelie Machine offers a safe and achievable way to not only practice but to feel the excitement of performing a wheelie. Nobody will be put in harm’s way, and most importantly the bike will remain 100% safe and damage free. With all that being said, the Wheelie Machine gives sufficient reasons to try it. Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself!

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Questions related to Wheelie Machine

Practice makes perfect. Time will vary from 10 minutes or longer and are is based on an individual’s experience and abilities.

While practicing a wheelie, the engine is going to be working hard and is going to heat up. To make sure that the engine is not affected during the practice, large blowers are mounted facing the front wheel. These blowers cool the engine and make sure that the engine stays cool while the bike is being used to practice.

While you’re not actually on the road and performing the wheelie, it is advised to ensure your health and safety to avoid using the Wheelie Machine. This is not only going to help you stay safe but will also enable you to be responsible while driving and practicing.

The Risks Involved and How To Prevent Them

    While practicing a wheelie on the road there are various factors to keep in mind. For starters, being wary of the throttle, clutch, and the balance in the bike overall. When that is eventually established, you have to let go of the clutch and throttle in order to be able to lift the the front wheel up into the air. In theory, this practice seems rather easy and fairly simple to implement, but in reality, it is difficult. With the wheelie Machine you can achieve the success and feel the exhilaration associated with performing a wheelie without the stress and worry of hurting yourself or damaging your bike.

About Us

    Swift Stunts is Australia’s first mobile Wheelie Machine stunt operator that has been professionally engineered for safe use

    We aim to entertain a large audience with our Wheelie Machine and our expert operators and train individual’s to preform stunts with or without previous motorcycle riding experience.

    Our Wheelie Machine is available for hire for all your corporate and individual events with a minimum hire of two hours. We provide our own motorcycle with the Wheelie Machine however we are able to use your motorcycle if specifications allow. Please contact us for more information.

    The wheelie machine is not just for those wanting to achieve the perfect wheelie, but is great fun for corporate events, birthday parties, bucks and other events. It allows groups and individuals to experience the adrenaline rush of riding a real motorcycle and performing a stunt in a controlled environment to maintain the safety of those involved. You can take photos and videos of your friends and family riding a real motorcycle and performing incredible stunts, not thought possible. It is suitable for most ages and varied levels of experience from beginner to advanced.

Responsibility and our professionalism

It is our foremost responsibility to educate wheelie enthusiasts in an effective and efficient manner. While wheelie fans can learn on the road, there is a tremendous chance that they are putting themselves in harm’s way, not to mention their bike. Instead of taking such a risk, with our Wheelie Machine, you can safely learn to perform wheelie in no time. All it needs is your willingness and motivation to give it a go and you’re ready to cruise and show off your wheelie skills in no time whilst having fun!