Introduction to Wheelie Machines

Delivering a perfect wheelie on your sports bike is a lot more than just practice. Being able to perform a wheelie takes a lot more than just your willpower and skills.

For those of you who are considering doing a wheelie on your bike, it is important to understand that a stable rear wheel is a prerequisite to achieving a successful wheelie. While that is a technical fact, it is essential to realize that doing a wheelie for the first time is not as easy as it appears to be in videos or in real life.

To perform a wheelie, you must first prepare yourself to handle the bike and its leverage to conduct the perfect wheelie. If you have never performed a wheelie and are interested in doing so, now is your chance to be able to achieve this and perfect your skills through the Wheelie Machine.

The principle of Wheelie Machines:

The principle used in the Wheelie machines is fairly simple. The bike is mounted onto the top of the machine. The rear wheel is fixed and the front wheel is placed on an inclined surface.

The foundation of the surface is supported by a very powerful spring which gives the biker an ability to lift the bike up from the ground whilst performing a wheelie. To make sure the practice is done effectively, the bike is allowed to suspend only for a limited angle so that the rider is safe while practicing the wheelie. This is ensured by stabilising the rear wheel so that the bike is being used safely.

The principle used in a Wheelie Machine is fairly simple, the rear wheel is fixed and the bike is allowed to do a wheelie with its front tire fixed at a certain angle and height.

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